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Founded in 1989, UDA has quickly grown into a leading provider of Architectural Services and Construction Software for Homeowners, Builders and Construction Professionals. UDA products and services are distributed across North America and 33 countries worldwide. The UDA family of websites currently receives over 3.7 million hits per month from clients in over 90 countries.

UDA provides intelligent solutions for clients of all interests.  Including: 11 Collections of innovative Ideal Home Plans, Accessible Plans and Duplex Plans, UDA Construction Software Solutions, the Industry's leading collection of Construction Administration Tools, Expert Plan Revisions, Custom Designed Homes and Community Master Planning and Design. 

UDA Construction Office™ Software for Professionals
UDA Construction OfficeUsed by tens of thousands of Individuals, Builders and Professionals across North America and 37 countries worldwide, UDA Construction Office software features powerful Project Management systems designed for the way you work.

UDA Ideal Home Plans, Accessible Plans and Duplex Plans
Style, Character, Comfort: Your three wishes have been granted. UDA design teams consist of a wide range of professionals including Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and licensed Home Builders. Much of our success can be attributed to the interactive coordination of these distinct disciplines, and to our continuing commitment to utilize the latest resources in 3-D Modeling, Animation and CAD technologies to provide superior solutions for all of our clients. 

BuilderAwards and Recognition
UDA is pleased to announce that Builder Magazine selected the UDA Sterling Residence for the Cover of the "Top Home Plans" edition. The Construction Industry's largest publication, Builder Magazine boasts over 185,000 subscribers and is considered the top resource for residential builders nationwide. 
UDA Designs have also been featured in Builder/Architect, Better Homes and Gardens, Old House Journal and dozens of national publications available across North America at fine stores everywhere. The Madison Residence was nominated as "National Home of the Year" in Southern Living Magazine.

UDA Construction Office Software
Used by thousands of Individuals, Builders and Professionals, UDA Software Solutions include Construction Contracts, Forms, Specifications, Worksheets, Templates and Administration Tools necessary to sucessfully tackle any design, residential, remodeling, renovation or light commercial project, including: Planning, Design, Estimating, Bidding and Contracting. 

HGTVProfessional Experts
Randall Taylor, host of HGTV's weekly HomeBuilding Digest show uses UDA Construction Office 2001 software for his own construction business. HomeBuilding Digest airs in over  76 million homes on the Home & Garden Television Network.

Expert Plan Revisions and Modifications
Think you have a better idea? Since UDA designs are handcrafted using the latest in CAD technologies we can offer extensive plan modifications for all Ideal Home Plans, Accessible Plans and Duplex Plans that can be completed in an unheard of timely manner, typically within one to two weeks. 

UDA Customer Assistance
On call Monday through Friday, from 9-7 EST to serve your needs, the UDA Customer Assistance Center (1-800-700-8321) can help answer questions about plan features, alternate designs, plan revisions, modifications, custom home designs and construction software and administration tools. 
Listen to what our Clients have to say
"It has now been a year since the family and I have taken up residence in our new home and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you, in a more formal manner, for all that you and your people did to make our dreams become a reality. In retrospect, making dreams come true is a tall order to fill, and probably one of the many reasons why so many homeowners have less than satisfactory results. You and your people, however, did an admirable job and we hold you and your firm in even higher esteem now than we did when we began the building process...." 

Bruce J. Tatarchuk

Additional UDA Client Feedback and Testimonials 

Why should you select UDA?

10 Left Brain Reasons - For those of us influenced by Logic and Reason. 

10 Right Brain Reasons - For those of us influenced by Aesthetics and Creativity. 

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