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UDA Preliminary PlansUDA Preliminary Plans

UDA Preliminary Plans are designs that are currently in progress by our Architectural staff. These Preliminary Plans can be completed as full sets of Ideal Home Plans (see General Notes ) and shipped within 2-3 weeks depending on schedule availability. 

Current Listing of UDA Preliminary Plans

Comprehensive Plan Revisions are Available for all Preliminary Plans 

Just Getting Started?
A great place to get started is to download a Free copy of the UDA Home Planning Guide which can assist you in the selection and design of your new home and includes 22 pages of innovative ideas and useful worksheets. It is equally useful for selecting from a library of existing plans as well as guiding you in the design of a custom home. You will be asked to define priorities, establish needs and explore adjacencies, all of which combine to form a foundation of guidelines to plan your next home. 

Preliminary Floor PlansEach Full Set of UDA Ideal Home Plans include 24"x36" documents with:

Designer's Rendering (see General Notes

First (and Second) Floor Presentation Plans

Foundation Plans with appropriate details 

Fully Dimensioned 1/4" Scale First (and Second) Floor Plans
(floor and ceiling conditions, plumbing locations, window and door schedules) 

Front, Rear and Side Elevations

First and Second Floor Framing Plans

Roof Plan and Roof Framing Plan 

Interior Elevations including Kitchen, Baths, and other major focal areas 

Interior Moulding Details with Finish Schedule

Full 3/8" Scale Building Section

Stair and Fireplace Sections (if applicable) 

Exterior and Interior Wall Sections, Plan Details and Roof Sections 

Schematic Electrical Plans

General Notes:

On Preliminary Plans the Artist's Rendering found on the cover sheet of each set typically takes 6-10 weeks for completion, and therefore will not be included when your plans are shipped. We will however, forward you a copy once they are available. 

Remember though, these designs are protected by US and International Copyright Laws, and may not be used for the design and/or construction of any home without first purchasing a full set of the appropriate Construction Documents/Plans from UDA. You'd be hard pressed to have plans of this quality drawn up elsewhere for these prices, plus you'd miss out on dealing with our friendly Customer Service Team! 

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